Eric “ET” Tecosky

ET Tecosky has spent years behind the bar mixing drinks at some of Los Angeles’ most famous, and in some cases infamous, watering holes – most recently, Jones Hollywood. In the early 90’s ET created the Jägermeister based shot “Surfer on Acid.” His taste and inventive spirits have evolved and over the years, ET’s been featured in countless local and national press for his cocktails and innovations and as he likes to say, “Everything I learned behind bars has helped shape where I am right now, and I am grateful for it.”

ET was the first to bottle premium olive juice for dirty martinis – Dirty Sue. What started as a pocketful of tips and an idea has grown into national distribution while still remaining to be the best reviewed product of its kind on the market. He has recently added a full line of cocktail garnishes to the brand.

Perhaps the crown jewel in his long career is becoming the U.S. Brand Ambassador for Jack Daniel’s – a whiskey he has always loved – from what’s in the bottle to what it represents in the world. He gets to travel the country telling stories about what Frank Sinatra called “The Nectar of the Gods.” For ET, the only thing that could top that would have been able to share a drink with the man himself…